Wednesday, 29 May 2013

From the woods to the living room

If you've read my last blog you'll know that the skill and ingenuity of some knitters is pretty impressive, but what I like best is a sense of colour and fun. I've been looking for something to follow woolly creatures in a wood and I came across Melanie Porter.

I've seen examples of her work like lampshades which I really like but what I wanted to share here is this video which I found on her Facebook page. It's really worth a look.

Here are five things I liked about her and her work.

1. She's inspired by being hands on and makes the pieces herself.
2. The pieces are colourful and fun.
3. She's recycling old bits of furniture which would otherwise be unloved and discarded.
4. She was very matter of fact about what she does and thinks about both form and function.
5. She said it was 'bitter-sweet' when she had to let a piece go (so the pieces are made with love, aahh so nice!).

It's great that when I looked around it didn't take me very long to find another great example of knitting that is fun, colourful and gives pleasure, thanks Melanie.

Here's Melanie's website.

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