Saturday, 16 March 2013

All revved up....

Finally, I'm all revved up and ready to private passion for textile art of a knitty nature is going to be let loose on an unsuspecting world.

Been dragging my feet for ages but now with the bit between my teeth and my nose to the grindstone (conjures up a great picture doesn't it!) I've got the website on-line (will do a few post-launch tweaks)and with this blog I'm step one of three into social media 'nirvana' too.

never really thought anyone would take the expression  that seriously - and  it isn't me!
As my job is in Digital Media (you know - the job that pays for all the things you need/want/can't live another minute without in your hobby) then I am definitely looking forward to the challenge of working on-line to explore creative and knitty contacts, exchange knitty inspiration and have fun (rather than the less personal but still great stuff I get to promote the rest of the time).

So today I'd like to share that I got a nice little present from the postman :)  Ok , I bought it myself (but it was nice of him to deliver it so quickly).

Dayve's lovely photo of pristine little packages
It's Fimo (modelling clay).....
I know it doesn't 'knit up' as '4' or any other ply but stick with me and see if it appears in any forthcoming work of knitty art; you see it always starts with  "I've got this idea....."

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  1. helen mcglasson18 March 2013 at 12:09

    This is very exciting stuff! I've been tyranised by not being able to stick to a pattern - I've never dared to go "free fall"!
    Your work is truly beautiful and so very inspiring. the textures are amazing!
    The photography is pretty awesome too, really captures the nubbly bits and the depths.
    Watching this space !